A business based in Bilbao specializing in the industrial supply, created more than 37 years ago, with the objective of supporting solutions for the mold sectors, machinery, metals, airspace industries, petrol-chemicals, wood and others. The company slogan is quality and service at the best price".

In our desire to provide Solutions to our client's problems, we provide everything from precision springs and metals to the most technical and complex steel.

Las placas de aislamiento térmico Brandenburger son uno de nuestros productos estrella. Los distribuimos y comercializamos en exclusiva para toda España.

Application fields for the Brandenburger thermal insulation:

Presses, heat forging and stamping, plastic industry, rubber, manufacturing of wheels and tires.
Molds for the rubber industry suchs as compression molds, injection, and heat chamber.
Wood sector: continuous presses for bound boards (Siempelkamp Presses, etc.) and general machinery for wood.
Thermal coating for ovens.